Follow these steps to Make Money Online with Brave

1.- Download the browser.

To Start, You need download Brave Browser. Download now via link: Download Now

After download brave browser, You need to install this program.

2.- Sign up here.

After install Brave Browser, The next step you need to do is sign up for an account here: . Use the account you just created and log into the site

3.- Setup Account

After you have logged into your account, Click on + Add Channel and link your Website or your channel of YouTube or Twitch.

They will receive that the website or linked channel is legitimate if it is they will give you the (Referral Link) in which each person that installs the browser under your link and when using it for at least 1 month will pay you 5 USD in BAT ( Only the first time per user).

Add Channel to Account

4.- Setup Tipping Banner

Click on Tipping Banner, then on “Customize” and make sure to put in “Links” the link of your website or channel you linked (This will make you a Brave Verified Publisher) and allow you to receive donations from other users.

Tipping Banner

  • The payment is monthly keep in mind that you must link your account (Uphold, is where the payment is processed) in the same way you must have your account verified.

Uphold Account

  • Currently we can earn BAT through people who download the browser under our link and keep it for 1 month, usually the browser offers incentives to users which we can auto donate (I do not recommend it since they can put your account under review and ban it) the best thing is that you exchange these Tokens with another content creator and with the Brave Dev which pays you fractions of BAT to see advertising (Up to 5 ads per hour) I prefer to wait for that function to be added as such in the version principal.

  • In addition, you can earn a lot of BAT by watching ads displayed randomly when you use

BAT Coin

Make money with BAT Tokens

  • After completing the above steps, you can use the Brave Browser normally similar to Chrome, Firefox …

  • And at the beginning of each month, Brave will pay you BAT Tokens through the use of browsers and referral programs

  • All BAT is paid to you via uphold wallet (remember your uphold account information)

  • Once the bat has been received in your wallet, you can easily transfer the BAT to other coins like ETH, BTC, XRP … Or you can transfer them directly to exchanges like Binance to get can make more money.

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What is Basic Attention Token

✓ It is an excellent way to start generating your first earnings in cryptocurrency (legitimately and helping to know more about this world).

✓ Basic Attention Token (BAT) now has 100,000 publishers who accept the token as a form of payment and tips for their services. BAT is the native token of the Brave browser and users who use the browser can now earn tokens by viewing advertisements.


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Written on March 3, 2014